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BonLook: What are your shipping charges?

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While these shipping policies are great examples of what successful e-commerce businesses are doing, it’s important to keep in mind that the best policy is one that fits the needs of your company and customers.

You’ll want to answer these questions for your business:

  • Are you offering shipping for free, a flat rate, or a variable fee? Typically, we see retailers promote free shipping, a free shipping threshold, or flat-rate shipping prominently on their website. If the cost of shipping varies based on the purchase, most sellers won’t share shipping prices until the checkout process.
  • How long will it take for your customers to get their packages? Do you offer same-day, next-day, or other express delivery options? If your company sells perishable goods or timely novelty products, it’s important for customers to know that they’ll get their product when they need it. If you offer customers Ground and Express shipping options, be sure to mention them.
  • What carrier(s) do you ship with? Customers want to know if they should be looking in their mailbox for a small package delivered by the USPS or if they should be looking on their porch for a FedEx or UPS package.
  • Do you ship internationally? Make sure potential international customers know right away whether you will serve them or not. Otherwise, you risk frustrating consumers.
  • Do you have any special shipping circumstances that should be shared with customers in advance? As you saw above, subscription boxes ship on specific days, for example, and it’s important to pass that information on to customers.

Once you decide on your rules, be sure to clearly communicate them to your customers, either through an FAQ page or other prominent space on your website.

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