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We foundeE-BIIKZ because we saw electric bicycles as having an important role in future. We are environmentalists that see the value of electrically recharged battery transportation, especially for urban areas. Politicians are beginning to pave the way for electric bikes and making it possible for people to travel safely on our roads. They provide benefits in so many areas, that we want to support this movement to enrich our lives. People who want transportation to work that is not too far away can easily make use of the ebike. Nature lovers who want to get away can do so in a quiet manner. The ebike affords the health conscious a way to expand their reach and is especially suited to the elderly population that gets good exercise and fresh air with a bit of a boost. Compared to other forms of transportation, they make economic sense as well. We are a company that is committed to stay on the cutting edge of the electric bicycle and offer our customers all of the advantages they have for you.

We decided from the beginning that we were going to be a company based on first class service to our customers. We are going to give our customers our support 100% of the time, because we know this is the way we want to be treated when we are customers. From the moment you come in contact with us, we will be there every step of the way, before you buy from us, during the shipping, and we will be in contact with you after you have your ebike to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us!

The E-BIIKZ team

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